September 29, 2020

2020 Summit High School Senior

Downtown Fort Worth was a popular spot for senior photography this year. We wore our masks and practiced social distancing as this senior took his photos! It was a great shoot, and there were so many congratulations received by people passing by us. This 2020 Summit High School Senior did an amazing job! In spite of all that was going on this year, he had a great spirit about it.

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September 20, 2020

2020 Dunbar High School Senior

This beautiful girl was able to get her senior pictures taken before the pandemic shutdown! She had been communicating with me about her outfit and staying true to her style prior to our shoot. We met in downtown Fort Worth and had fun! This 2020 Dunbar High School Senior looked gorgeous! There are so many places to shoot downtown. We found some spots that fit very well with what we wanted to achieve, and it turned out great. She was super excited about graduating, which made her easy to photograph. I wish her nothing but the best in her future. She has plans to go to college, and she is looking forward to completing those goals. Congratulations to this Class of 2020 Senior!

Class of 2020 Senior Photography
Class of 2020 Senior Photography
Class of 2020 Senior Photography
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September 14, 2020


Whether you are a beginner photographer or a pro photographer, it is always good to learn new ways of shooting. Most importantly, it is important that we find time time to shoot for fun. A lot of times when we photograph people, they have input on the location, style, and look of the shoot. This is the perfect time to shoot for you with so many precautions in place. Here are five ideas you can consider the next time you want to shoot for fun.

  • Styled Shoots-These are so much fun. There is planning that needs to take place. The fun part is you can choose to shoot whatever styled shoot you want. The ideas are endless.
  • Candids of your kids– With a lot of kids doing virtual learning and spending more time at home, this is the best time to document those memories. These don’t necessarily have to be posed. Documenting the day to day activities that your kids participate in are priceless.
  • Try a new location– If you have been eyeing a new location, but you weren’t sure about trying it yet. Why not? Trying a new location can definitely stretch your creativity. Just make sure you follow all proper procedures.
  • Try a new editing style-Most of the time we stick to the same editing styles to remain consistent. When shooting for fun, all of that can just go out the window! Edit in any way you want. You may find you like another style of editing just as much as what you normally do.
  • Try a different camera or lens- If there is a lens or a camera you have thought about buying, but you aren’t sure about it. You can rent it. There are so many local photography stores, as well as online stores like Borrow Lenses.

If you have others ways of shooting for fun, let me know in the comments. What do you to make photoshoots fun?

five ideas to shoot for fun
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